Meet The Team


Matt Emig is one of the most accomplished, recognized and influential people in Extreme Martial Arts. Member of the prestigious Team Paul Mitchell since 2002, He has forged himself into a world-renowned forms and weapons competitor, winning over 100 Grand Championships and over 42 World Titles in NASKA, ISKA, NBL and WKA. Since age 17, Emig has been a highly respected and sought after instructor, teaching over 100 workshops around the world, coaching numerous World Champions and producing his own line of instructional DVDs and Signature Nunchuks. After moving to Los Angeles in 2010 to pursue a career in entertainment, Emig began working as a stuntman for commercials, television and film.

Due to his work in the entertainment industry, Emig decided to move on from the competition world as a competitor, and step into the role of head coach of his own competition and performance team. Already privately coaching team members Danny Etkin, Aidan Considine and Mackensi Emory. Emig recruited top forms and weapons competitor, Tyler Weaver to complete the roster.

TEAM EMIG debuted at the AKA Grand Nationals in Chicago, January 2013. By the end of the season, they collectively captured 34 Grand Championships, 18 Overall Grand Championships and 15 NASKA World Titles. As well as an ISKA World Title, going undefeated in the Trick Battle competition (7-0), and having 8 appearances on ESPN2.